“When we are praying for patience, we become so much more aware of our lack of patience.”

Today I have an interview with one of our community members, Rileigh, who continued to run her business part-time while she was in the hospital for 23 days.  Not only that, she hit a rank advancement with her company during that time.

Awesome and ridiculous.

You’ll want to watch the entire video, which you can find below, but some of the takeaways from my time with Rileigh is that even though we can have times where we experience God coming through for us, it can be hard to remember that we can trust in Him.  Often times the thing we are praying for makes the thing we are missing so much more evident.

Although we may feel busy, there is still enough time to generate revenue and help people if we use the 10-minute pockets of time we have to message or call people instead of scrolling a through our social media feeds.

The biggest practical tip that Rileigh has for everyone is to not make excuses as to why you are not working your business.  Find little bits of time throughout your day to work your business when you can. She says that your mindset on an excuse or something going on in your life is going to determine your success.  Don’t give up and don’t make excuses. Everyone in network marketing has to do the same thing as everyone else to get customers.

The last quick tips Rileigh wanted to share with the CNM community are:

  1. Be more in tune with how you are feeling
  2. Be honest with yourself.  Don’t fool yourself into not knowing what is going on with you or your business.  That will help you be transparent with yourself, which will help you be transparent with others, which will help you communicate with others and with God.
  3. Stay positive

All of this sounds really simple, but sometimes we need to hear the simple things.  We don’t have to complicate the network marketing business. We can keep it simple.

Thank you for reading this post and being part of our community!  Be sure to watch the full interview below, and then head over to our free Facebook group to continue the conversation!