We must go to people, because Jesus went to people.

Luke 9:6 – And they departed and went through the villages, preaching the gospel and healing everywhere. (ESV)

This verse really spoke to me when I read it recently.  I have talked before that I don’t really like to travel, but this verse and a book I have been reading, The Leadership Secrets of Jesus, gave me a new perspective.

Jesus came to save sinners, not the religious-types.  He knew His target market, and He went out to them.

Is our target market people who know they need the product or opportunity we are offering?  Or is our target market people that have no clue they need the product or opportunity we are providing?

I would argue it is the second group, because they don’t even know there is a solution to their problem, and they are able to have the best transformation and increase in relationship.  Jesus went to sinners who did not know there was a solution or redemption for their sins.

Prospecting for your business is similar in that we cannot sit and wait for our target market to find us.  We need to go to our target market so that they know there is a product or opportunity that we can provide to them.

Prospecting is all about leads, so here are some lead generation tips by breaking down some math.  It is beyond the often-heard refrain of “Just find two contacts a day.”

  • Most people need to generate 10-20 new contacts per week in order to grow the amount of network marketing customer base and business builders.
  • 10 contacts will probably lead to 2-3 appointments; 20 contacts a few more
    • Over the course a month that is the difference between 5-6 new customers and 12 or more new customers respectively
  • Combination of referrals, hosted parties (or classes, socials, or whatever your company refers to them as), vendor events or booths, social media, networking events, people you know, and businesses to distribute products.
    • All of these combined, as your skills increase, you gain ground and offer value to the community, will help you get the 10-20 contacts per week.
    • Pick 2-3 that you are the best at that align most with your talents, interest, and joy.

Focusing on this one goal of expanding your market is important for your business as well as any business.  This will help you create a sustainable business.

I hope you find these tips helpful.  Thank you for reading today’s post.

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