Proverbs 15:4 – A gentle tongue is a tree of life, but perverseness in it breaks the spirit. (ESV)

Today I want to share this verse with you and bring you some encouragement on how you can bring some healing to your team.

It can be hard to remember, but each of us, including team members, come with a ton of baggage.  

Battle scars.  

Entrepreneurs hit waves or experience setbacks.  Some entrepreneurs will quit and leave when setbacks happen. It isn’t about if setbacks are going to happen, but when they are going to happen.

You can be in pain coming out the other side of the wave.  Click here to watch the video.

Bring healing to your team by telling them:

  1. “I am proud of you.”
    1. It may seem or feel weird, but when I tell people I am proud of them, they are so happy.  People crave it and it brings healing.
  2. You accomplished ___________, but what I appreciate the most is your character.
    1. “You just hit that next rank, but what I appreciate most is your bravery, your willingness to try new things, your open mindedness and your servant attitude, and that is why I think you accomplished your goal.

I want to encourage you to leave me a comment or an emoji if you are committed to bringing some healing today to your team.  Then take some time to send a quick text or phone call to bring some healing to your team today.

Thank you for reading today’s post.  We hope this is an encouragement to you.

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