“Daddy, what’s the plan for this month?”

Do you feel like you know who God is, but you don’t know what He sounds like or what He is saying to you?  Have you wondered why you are going through this difficult season of life?

In this interview, Tasha and CNM Community member, Bec Kovac, discuss how God is working in Bec’s business, how she continues to grow WITH God through the tough times, and the joy of walking with God through the adventure of faith.  

Here is some of what Bec shared in how God is working in her business:

  • God has been doing hard character work in my life that I didn’t expect.
  • Leadership – I would be very hard and not forgiving as soon as I flipped the “business” switch when talking to people.
  • God has been training me to lead the people He has put in front of me and how I can love them more while still holding them accountable.
  • Business has been a great training ground for the destiny and calling He has spoken into me.
  • This has grown my faith – ministry, faith-building, and God guiding me through the tough times and seasons.
  • The tough seasons have come when I felt I was the one with the great accomplishments and results I have been seeing, instead of trusting in Him to guide me and then give Him the praise and glory.
  • God doesn’t call us into anything to fail.
    • Steward the business He has called me into, and the fruit will come.
    • Walking with God is the best adventure, because you never know where He is going to send you.
      • He will help you along when it gets hard.

You will definitely want to watch and listen to the entire interview, but here is the last nugget that Bec shared:

Cultivate a secret place to commune with God – if you don’t know God when you are alone, and you don’t hear His voice, that would be my first encouragement to do.  I was a Christian who wanted to live for God, wanted to do whatever God told me, but I didn’t have intimacy with God, didn’t understand what He was saying to me. When I learned that skill, it changed my entire life.  I know when He is calling me to move forward, or when to pull back, and it is very different than the “knowledge” of God.

Thank you for reading today’s post.  We hope this is an encouragement to you.
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