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“It is ok for people to see the mistakes I make because they will also make mistakes, and it makes you more relatable when they see you.”

Do you have a hard time carrying the burden of leading your team on your shoulders?  Are you afraid to make a mistake as a leader or influencer?

Today, I have an interview with one of Christian Network Marketer’s Community members, Carmen Busch, who was willing to sit in the rain and talk to me about the opportunity God has given her to use her business to be a steward.  You’ll definitely want to hear about her journey, so be sure to watch the video below.

The start of the conversation, Carmen shared a little about her background of how she got into her network marketing business, and about how God called her to into her business:

  • The way you view God is the way you view your business.  Just like any other relationship, it is going to penetrate the areas of your life.
  • God uses people who are willing.  When I heard the call, I just wanted to be used to badly by God in whatever way He saw fit.  Then I said Yes and never took it back.
  • He gave me the business, and I know it is His.  And I have to steward it well because it is a huge responsibility when He gives you a platform of thousands of people.  He amplified my voice and put me in front of thousands and thousands of people to share His message that He cares about people.

Carmen’s principle on stewardship:

  • I have to partner and co-create with Him.  I need to show up to what He has called me to do.
  • I need to uplevel myself and shepherd my team, so I don’t ask my team to do something I am not willing to do.  I ask God, “What do I need to learn to keep shepherding them?”
  • Take the pressure off of myself to be the perfect leader, because this is God’s business, not mine.  I said, “Yes,” but I am not perfect. You are (talking to God saying He is perfect), so I keep asking for revelations from Him.
  • I give my team a big vision, and eagle-eye overhead view, but also give them small steps.

How does she feel about being an influencer?  Because the responsibility feels heavy most days.  How do you balance the weight of the responsibility without being flippant about it?

  • I do it one day at a time, and I have a lot of mentors that I surround myself with.  Being in a place of influence can be a lonely place. God presented me with an opportunity and a choice to say, “No,” but I chose to take the cup He offered because I was reminded that I serve a great God who can use me despite how little I am.  It also took some prayer from the prayer warriors around me, and that is why it is important to have people around you to pray for you and lift you up.
  • It’s never easy, though.  Whoever said changing the world is easy?!  It’s so rewarding, though!
  • I got very comfortable with having my face in the dirt and dusting myself off.  I decided to tell myself a different story – that making mistakes in front of people is ok, and it’s probably the only way.  It is ok for people to see the mistakes I make because they will also make mistakes, and it makes you more relatable when they see you.

People think that the road to success is a straight path upward.  What is the journey actually like?

  • If God has put you in a place of influence, you need to stay there with integrity.  Anyone can get success, but few people stay there with integrity.

What is one practical tip to give our audience to help them build their business with skill?

  • Planning and sticking to the plan no matter how you feel.
  • Dream bigger and show up with courage.

Last thoughts or tips for our audience?

  • Be faithful to your dream.  Don’t ignore what is in your heart.

Thanks for reading today’s highlights.  Be sure to check out the entire conversation below.  Then join us in our Facebook group to continue the conversation and share how God is working in your business.

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