Today I am going to share with you how God has been working in my business.  For those of you new to the Christian Network Marketer’s Community, I run a sales and leadership coaching business.  I started what I thought would be a part-time, one-on-one coaching practice, exploded into full-time work for many people, and we have served over 7000 clients over the past couple of years.  So God’s blessing has certainly been upon us.

But it hasn’t come without some struggles as well.  In the last 6 months or so, I have been kicked in the teeth a lot.  Most mornings (since some mornings can get a little crazy) I wake up and ask God for 3 things:



-Divine appointments

When my business was growing like wildfire, I wasn’t asking for those same things.  Isn’t it funny how we don’t make those same prayers in the good times?

I think we need to spend more time asking “Why not?” since it doesn’t serve us to ask, “Am I good at this?”  Or, “Should I do this?” Or, “Why?”

God is in the business of “Why not?”

Please listen or watch to hear about the fruits of my prayers for these three things and how God has been working in my business.

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Thank you for connecting with us today!