“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

This idea is important for all areas of your business.  Lately, I have been focusing on 3 wins or impacts per day with my own business, my coaching team, and my clients.  These would be three things that help others or help move our business forward.

But right now I happen to be going through this time of feeling very impatient, because I am in a season of planting rather than harvesting, even though I know the planting leads to the harvest.  But then you have a big harvest, and you have to plant again.

As I have been thinking about this, the quote mentioned at the beginning came to mind, and I thought of myself, “How can I think about my day in terms of how many seeds I have planted, instead of wins or impacts?”  I am sure you can all agree that waiting for seeds to grow is really, really difficult.

Something I want you to think about is how can you, each day, plant 3 seeds and what does that mean?

Here are a couple of things that come to mind in regards to your network marketing business:

  1. Do you keep a prospect list?
    This list should be clear with categories for Team Member prospects, Builder prospects, Customer prospects, Customers to follow up with, and Builders I can take to the next level, for example.

    Do you have a list like this that you could easily go to so that you could plant seeds every day?
  2. Scheduling appointments
    A blank calendar can create anxiety, and we want to schedule as many appointments as we can, which are seeds we are planting.  The kinds of appointments we can set are Sales, Retention or Wish List, Recruiting, and Coaching appointments.

We can eliminate a lot of this anxiety about the future by focusing on what seeds we plant today.  No matter what business we are in, every day we should be planting seeds and adding value in people’s lives.  When we do that, the harvest will come.

One last thing on patience:  there are times I try and will more patience into my life.  Patience doesn’t work that way, however. Patience is a fruit of the spirit, which means that it comes from God.  I think it is important that we pause and ask God, “God will you fill me up with patience?”

I hope you found that helpful.  Thank you for reading today’s post.
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