When you think of courage, you often think about slaying giants, like David killing Goliath.  But David didn’t start with the Goliaths of the world. He started by protecting his flock from lions and bears.

Most of us today are not sent out to kill Goliath, or lions, or bears, but we all have challenges that we need courage to face.  Today, I have an interview with one of our community members, Eric, who shares with us how God is working in the business he and his wife are running and how God has given him courage.

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Tasha:  I know your big thing is courage.  Can you talk about how God has given you courage in your network marketing business?

Eric:  People hear stories like David slaying the giant, Goliath.  But you have to remember that David did a lot of smaller things before that helped him build up his courage.  That’s the same approach that I have with my business: you make or break it with courage on a daily basis.

Do I always live a courageous life?  Absolutely not.

Do I always choose the faith over fear?  No, sometimes I give in to the fear.

That is why my podcast is called the Courage Cast because I am trying to explore this idea of courage every single day.  I think it is a daily walk that we have to face the decision; there is always a fork in the road:  Am I going to go for courage? Or am I going to go for fear? And it may not be a very big decision; sometimes it is a very small thing.  

Every day in our business we face rejection, and we have to believe what it takes, we have to choose confidence, or retreat and watch Netflix. The temptation to retreat grows the more successful you become, but the way we rise up is through habits, boring disciplines, which is not easy because of choices that need to be made.

Tasha:  What I hear you saying is business is made up of small moments that make the difference of being successful and not.

There is the idea that you need to be inauthentic to be successful in network marketing, or some of the…“ick”.  But what I hear you saying is that to be successful means to draw on courage in the small things, which is incredibly biblical where God calls us to be courageous and faithful with the small things.

What do you think of that synopsis?

Eric:  I am right there with you with the idea of becoming your best self and choosing your best self.  There is a certain choice you need to make as far as who is going to show up today in your playing field is really important.  For me, part of the person I think of is who God says I am. Who does God say I am? If I can latch on to the identity He has given me, which is someone who is chosen, loved beyond belief, when you can latch on to just a little bit of that feeling and that choice, it makes it a lot easier to ask for the things you know you need to ask for when it comes up.  And it comes from a sincere place.

A lot of times people are taught methods on how to do things, but it doesn’t come across as sincere because they don’t believe it, they don’t have the confidence to believe it.  It does take practice.

Tasha:  That’s awesome.

Do you have any last thoughts to share with our audience?

Eric:  Who I am In Christ is a free book that talks about struggling with identity, fear, who you are in Christ.  It takes scripture turned around so it can be edifying for you.

And the last thing I thought is to take scripture and speak it outloud.  Talk to your problems about God instead of talking to God about your problems.  We should talk to God about our problems, but we should also talk to our problems about God.


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P.S. The book Eric mentions, Who I Am In Christ, is a free book that you can get by emailing the author at kibby7@comcast.net, and she will send you a copy at her cost. Or you can download the PDF version below!